Sorry about how behind I am.  Still trying to fight off this cold which is as of today (Friday) on the way out I think. That coupled with spotty internet especially at night has prevented me from staying up to date.  I will catch up and get it all done.

This day was a trip to have class at the Victoria & Albert museum and the performance tonight was 1984 at the Playhouse Theatre. I thought that I might try to give you a sense of what it is like riding the tube so, I’ve included a series of photographs for that purpose.

Blog 01 Tube Exp

This is Warren Street station near our hostel. We normally access the tube at this stop

Blog 02 Tube Exp

The first of a series of escalators throughout the trip. It is an incredibly efficient system of moving people around. I find the whole experience exhilarating.

Blog 03 Tube Exp

Then there are always stairs. Headed down to the train.

Blog 04 Tube Exp

Waiting for the train

Blog 05 Tube Exp

There is the rush to get on the train when it arrives.

Blog 06 Tube Exp

On this morning the coaches were very full. It was morning rush hour.

Blog 07 Tube Exp

Arriving at the stop we needed on this day to change lines to head over to the west end of the city so, it’s a trek underground through a maze.

Blog 08 Tube Exp

We are going from the Northern line to the Piccadilly line.

Blog 09 Tube Exp

As well marked as the system is, it is still sometimes confusing and that can be exacerbated by how quickly it all moves.

Blog 10 Tube Exp

We changed trains at Leicester Square and as we are headed to South Kensington.

Blog 11 Tube Exp

The group as we wait for the Piccadilly train to S. Kensington.

Blog 12 Tube Exp

Out of the train at S. Kensington and on the way to the surface.

Blog 13 Tube Exp

Queuing for the escalator to head up.

Blog 14 Tube Exp

Up the escalator.

Blog 15 Tube Exp

Way out is literally the way out.

Blog 16 Tube Exp

But wait . . . . .more escalators.

At the end of the line, you have to swipe your oyster card to exit.

Blog 19 Tube Exp

Finally, the stairs to the outside and the tube stop on the other side.


At the other end of this trip we arrive at the Victoria and Albert museum which is one of my favorite places in the city.  Today, we are having class here and then touring the theatre exhibit with the class.

Blog 20 VA

We met outside briefly so look at the damage to the building from the bombings of WWII. You can see some of the damage above Christina’s head on the left.

Blog 21 VA

This is one of the special exhibits I have been looking forward to seeing. Unfortunately, there were no photographs allowed.

Blog 22 VA

The entrance to the museum.

Blog 23 VA

The courtyard – we are meeting class here.

Blog 24 VA

I can always depend on Kerri to mug for the camera. She’s got her diet and a map.

Blog 25 VA

Class today was a discussion of the play from yesterday and the importance of museum and other cultural attractions.

The theatre exhibit has changed a great deal since the last time I was here.  There is a look at the the last 50 years as well as much of the original material.  New items included a lot of more recent productions.  The one item I was struck with this time and I am sure it was there last time is a letter from Elia Kazan to Vivian Leigh.  He is sending her the script for A Streetcar Named Desire and he is arranging for her to meet with Lucinda Ballard, the costume designer for the film.

The underwear exhibition was quite wonderful but, I also went back through the regular clothing exhibition to look at the early 19th century clothing because I am designing Sense and Sensibility this fall.  Ironically, I have the director with me (Christina).

Blog 27 VA

Menswear look.

Blog 28 VA

Especially like these colors and the shape of the coat.

We spent several hours in the museum including a great lunch in their cafe and headed out to Harrod’s for a quick tour through.

Blog 29 Harrods







Blog 30

By the time we got back in the tube, we were feeling a little giddy and tired.

After a brief rest, we left and went out for that evening’s production which was 1984 at the Playhouse Theatre.

Blog 31 1984

This is the first thing out of the tube stop and to the right is the theatre.

Blog 33 1984

In front of the theatre.

Blog 32 1984

The facade of the Playhouse Theatre


The production that evening was intense.  We were sitting on the front rows of the theatre and that added to the intensity.  I enjoyed this production a great deal.  It was a totally different style than anything we have seen to date.  Got away from the realism of the previous productions and told the story in a very non-linear way.  The performances were excellent and we walked home to walk off the experience.

Blog 34

It was a beautiful night so we walked home.