Busy Day

I was up early since I’m still on Kentucky time. Christina took me to a great little breakfast place on a side street (an alley really). Delicious english muffin, sausage, bacon fried egg, spinach with chili jam -like a sandwich and coffee. Leaving there we got our things together and headed out to get tube passes and fix some phone issues.

Getting on the tube we headed down to Picadilly Circus to pick up tickets for Monday’s peformance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  We wandered around the area which is essentially like Times Square in NYC. I realized there were far more shows than we have booked so, I am planning to see a few more starting with tonight since we don’t have anything else planned.

Leaving Picadilly, we made our way to Harrod’s. That was amazing.  Alecia – you would be in heaven.  Anyway, I managed to get out without buying anything but a snack for later.  I expect to go back to do some shopping before I leave. I mean, it’s shopping paradise. Beating a hasty retreat we headed to Hyde Park. More gardens. We took a break to eat the snack from Harrod’s next to the Prince Albert Memorial.  A little summer shower and we walked through some of the gardens on our way to Kensington Palace.  William and Kate were not in Alecia. At least I don’t think they were.  Strange palace. We couldn’t find the front. There was a beautiful garden (of course) and we found our way to a wonderful restaurant called The Orangery adjoining the gardens of the palace. Lunch was excellent and leisurely. Chilled pea soup and a beet salad with strawberries and thick (custard-like) creme for dessert. As we were leaving we had a strange celebrity sighting.  I noticed him first when we sitting in the restaurant waiting for our check. He was in the line to be seated. The face was familiar but I couldn’t think of a name.  As we left Christina noticed him too and she correctly identified him as Ken Jennings the Jeopardy champion from a few years ago. Bizarre, I know.

We exited onto embassy row. I can’t remember the street and headed up to see where Christina lived when she was little girl living in London. It was a charming neighborhood and we got a few pictures to send to her brother.  We explored around for a few and headed back to the dorm to put our feet up before we headed back down to see The 39 Steps. We went down and picked up a couple of tickets at the box office and hurried down to Waterstone’s Bookstore for a quick, light dinner.

The play was at the Criterion Theatre which opened in 1874. It is an excellent farce based on a mid 1930’s Alfred Hitchcock film which fortunately I watched just a couple of weeks ago. The performance was very well done by four actors. The leading man played by one actor and the other three actors performing all the other roles. The theatre is rather intimate and lent itself well to this play. The actors, particularly the men were excellent. Act 2 tends to drag but that has more to do with writing.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus

The meat counter Harrod's.

The meat counter Harrod’s.

Small church on a side street heading to Hyde Park (I think).

Small church on a side street heading to Hyde Park (I think).

Prince Albert Memorial - Hyde Park

Prince Albert Memorial – Hyde Park

Gardens at Kensington Palace

Gardens at Kensington Palace

2014-07-05 13.07.51

Victoria's Statue at Kensington Palace

Victoria’s Statue at Kensington Palace

Criterion Theatre - Criterion Theatre

Criterion Theatre