Last Day and Home

This post is for Thursday, 28 July and Friday, 29 July

It’s the last day in London and there is still much to do.  First up, this morning we have our last class and today’s final speaker is Marion Nancarrow.  She is a director of radio plays for the BBC having directed over 200 productions and conducts workshops all over the world.  Ms. Nancarrow comes to speak as a result of director a production originally produced by Christina’s theatre company.  Christina went over last winter and played in the drama called North.  Her talk was well received by the students and she was quite inspirational and passionate about her work.


Blog 01

Marion Nancarrow of the BBC Radio.

I left to meet Kerri.  She wanted to do some errands and see a couple of things in the morning.  Our afternoon plans were to do some shopping.  We met outside and headed to Waterloo station to take the tube to Picadilly Circus.  Alighting onto Regent Street we headed up the several blocks to Liberty of London. On the way up Regent Street we passed Carnaby street and the section known as Carnaby in Soho.  This is one of those iconic areas that gained notoriety during the sixties.  Carnaby Street was the cool destination in swinging London of the time.  Many designer boutiques sprung up including Mary Quant.  It is one of those places I keep meaning to get to but, both times have failed.  I’ll hope for 2018 when we return.  Today it is a high end shopping area.  In the 70’s it was turned into a pedestrian mall.

Blog 02

Entrance to the Carnaby shopping district viewed from Regent Street.

Liberty was just around the corner and we went on to the task at hand.  Liberty is a department store since 1875 and is known for luxury goods and Kerri was looking for a piece of fabric for quilt she and her colleague are making.  Once in the store we browsed for time and a located the fabric and Kerri found the piece she wanted.  We looked a bit more and I tried to find something but, I guess by this time I was shopped out as well as museumed out.

Blog 02a

Liberty of London.

I had one desire this afternoon and that was a walk down Savile Row.  That’s really all you can do.  Savile Row is the mecca for men’s tailoring in London.  The street has a long and varied history but, tailors first began setting up shop in this area in the late 18th century landing on the street itself in the very early 19th century.  Walking down the street, you can look in the basement windows to view something of the workshop of each shop.  On the main floor you can find models of suits and someone to take your order for a bespoke garment.

Blog 03

A view down the street. The flag is the shop of Hardy Amies, now deceased. He was a designer and best known as a dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth for many years. He established her style from the beginning of her reign in 1952 until his retirement in the 80’s

Blog 04

The end of the street. We crossed over Regent Street onto Maddox, down to Mill, turned left and Mill becomes Saville Row.



























After this small adventure, we headed back to the dorm.  This afternoon, the last official meeting of the class is tea.  We are meeting up the class at the Orangery near Kensington Palace.   Christina wanted to walk Kerri and I through a section of Kensington.  She walked this when she attended LAMDA.  It was indeed beautiful.  Below are a couple of buildings that caught my interest – two of many.

Blog 05

Loved these buildings on the way to tea.

Blog 06


We arrived at Kensington Palace.  Remember, the Orangery is next door.  We passed by the back of the palace and was able to see the statue of Queen Victoria.

Arriving a little early (our reservation was for 3 pm).  We found a few students already there waiting and the rest soon joined up.

Blog 07

The statute of Queen Victoria. It was designed by her daughter Princess Louise and sits on the east side of the palace. She is depicted in her coronation robes.




Blog 08

The exterior of the Orangery where we had tea.

We had a great time.  The tea was perfect and the students enjoyed themselves very much.  We had two tables and it made for a wonderful time to debrief and talk about what we had experienced and just relax before we begin the journey back.

Blog 09

My table with four of the students. You can see the great things we had to eat.


Blog 10

We had one more group shot thanks to Kerri. We have truly enjoyed this adventure. I am especially proud of all the students and grateful to be able to have this time in London.

After tea, I had one more event. I spent the better part of the last two days packing so, I might join Vikki and her partner , Adam for dinner down at Picadilly Circus.  They had made reservations for a 9 pm dinner at a french restaurant called Brassiere Zedel on Sherwood Street.  I met them a little early for cocktails and then we enjoyed a delicious meal and a bottle of wine.  It made the perfect ending to a perfect journey.

Blog 11

Time for one last selfie, Adam, Vikki and myself. BTW, Adam is a soloist at St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Friday, 29 July

Flying home is never easy.  The trip is long and arduous.   This time was no exception.  Delayed flights made for quick layovers and unfortunately, too short goodbyes – Kerri.  Also, lost luggage which eventually showed up but, nevertheless creating unnecessary stress.  Thanks for coming along on this journey.  I apologize for not keeping up as I went along but, I am certainly grateful I have been able to finish documenting my travel.  Once home, it was good to sleep in my own bed and see my kittens who, by now are starting to get along.  Suri, however has become a little terror and Sheba and I are having to train her.  I think Sheba is better at that than I.

Blog 01

At home, Sheba on my lap and Suri waiting her turn.