Museum of London The Lieutenant of Inishmore 9 July

Think we have a great group this year.

Getting used to London time. Slept well and woke up at the right time today. I was able to work out and get down to breakfast by the time the cafeteria opened and it was busy. The line was to the door so, I thought I would give it some time see if, perchance my suitcase had arrived. It hadn’t. So, I went back down at 8:20 and the line was down the hall so, I figured I better stay. I did eventually get a breakfast and it was very good.

I went up to meet Christina and bring her down for class. We met in a large room lounge in the basement. First class was simple. Christina talked about the overall landscape of the London theater scene and we talked a bit. Today also included taking everyone down to the Museum of London.


Museum of London – I love mosaics and every time I see one, I am completely drawn to it so, I couldn’t resist.

We walked to the Eustin Square Station and caught the Hammersmith and City line to the Barbican and then it was a short walk down to the museum. The Museum is a great place to learn about the city of London’s history. It begins at the beginning with Roman occupation and runs up to the modern day. It is a lot of information to try and synthesize. I stayed for about an hour or so mostly looking for clothing and accessory elements. They are a number of the them in the museum but, I also enjoy the history. It’s just too much to absorb in one visit or even 10 visits.




Museum of London – a model of the original St. Paul’s cathedral before the great fire.

We went back toward the dorm. I’m still wanting my suitcase. I actually did speak with a live person who told me it would be delivered today. We stopped for lunch at Franco Manco on Tottenheim Court Rd. It is light pizza and it hit the spot. Christina and I said goodbye to her family and went to get her London phone energized. Once that was down I tempted to go to the dorm and check but, I needed a shirt for the theater this evening so, I headed to the Warren Street tube stop and went down to Oxford Circus to store I thought would have some things: John Lewis. They did so, I picked a few more things to tide me over till hopefully my luggage comes and headed back to the dorm. I’m also meeting some new colleagues for dinner. The Department of Theatre and Dance successfully hired a new scenic designer and director for our upcoming year and they live in London currently, moving to Lexington in August. I arranged to join them for dinner.


Museum of London – love the detail on this coat, 18th century uniform.

Anyway, back to the dorm, no suitcase. I went up to my room and decided I had time to lay down for a few minutes which I did. Getting up an hour later I got ready for the evening and prepared to head toward the theater. I was meeting Yoon and Stephen just across the street for dinner. I headed down and out and the gentleman at the desk caught me to say my suitcase was there. Hurray. I quickly ran it up to my room and headed out again.

It was a relatively quick two stop trip from the Goodge Street station to Leicester Square and I found Yoon and Stephen already at the restaurant. We enjoyed a great dinner and delightful conversation. They gave some great advice for my time in the city. I look forward to seeing them again this weekend.

Across the street, everyone was there and Christina and I headed up for the performance. The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a black comedy by Martin McDonagh. It originally premiered at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2001. The story is strangely absurd, terribly violent and extremely funny. It stars Aidan Turner (all you Poldark fans on Masterpiece) and he is quite good as is the entire ensemble. The carnage at the end made me glad I was in the upper most balcony. The design is wonderful except for one element I questioned and did quite understand but, that’s a minor point. Tomorrow’s a long day. Our first performance at the Globe.


Museum of London – this is a leather jerkin from about 1550-1600. Pretty certain this is the jerkin Janet Arnold documents in one of her books.

Museum of London – late 18th century, love the shape of this dress.

Rehearsal photo from The Lieutenant of Inishmore (found on the web).

Scene from The Lieutenant of Inishmore (image found on the web). Do not photograph live theater productions.

Scene from The Lieutenant of Inishmore (image found on the web). Do not photograph live theater productions.