Preparing for London 2016

I am returning to London for another three weeks to see theatre and generally spend time in one of the greatest cities I have every visited.  I haven’t visited that many cities abroad or, for that matter, in this country.  My trip two years ago was amazing (you can read about it in my previously published blog London 2014).  When I traveled before I was a guest of the group London Theatre: How Past Becomes Present.  Dr. Christina Ritter leads this group and this year, I am going as a co-director.  We have ten member of the group including my best friend from graduate school, Kerri Packard.

My last trip was (if you read the previous blog) amazing and I expect this time will be no different.  We are scheduled to see 12 plays and 5 guest speakers (one of whom is a former student of mine, Vikki Medhurst).  Vikki is currently working for a major film studio in London as a costume maker.  She told me about her latest project but, it is hush-hush at the moment.  Perhaps when she speaks to the group, I will be able to reveal what she is doing at that time.

I am terribly behind in preparation for leaving.  My flight is tomorrow evening and I still have to finish cleaning the house in preparation for my house sitter, mow the lawn, shop (some more) and continue trying to merge my cats.  My cat Sheba has recently had her home invaded by a little terror I’ve named Suri.

2016-05-30 07.27.19

Sheba is my 12 year old baby. She has been the lone queen in the house since I got her.

The interloper Suri is an eight week old kitten I discovered on my doorstep three weeks ago.  She was near death.  However, with a little TLC, she has recovered and, at present, is tearing up my house and terrorizing Sheba.  She simply wants to play but, Sheba is having none of it (well, she is coming around).

2016-07-02 17.28.07

This is Suri – don’t be fooled by this sleeping kitten. She is resting up for another round.

More tomorrow as I prepare to fly out in the evening.