The Long and Winding Road Part 3

This is for Sunday, 24 July.

On this day Kerri and I visited Bath.  Bath is one of my favorite places.  It has an internationally known Fashion Museum as well as being the home of the Royal Crescent.  The town itself is an amazing collection of Georgian architecture.

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Paddington Station where we begin our trip.



The day began early taking the tube to Paddington Station where we caught our train for the 1 hours, 40 minute trip out to the western part of the country.  Bath is located in Somerset County.  The station is very busy on a Sunday morning because a lot of people are traveling outside London on the weekend.  Travel is easy and relatively inexpensive so day trips seem common.  Arriving at the station we must wait until they reveal from which platform the train will depart.  The monitors you see in the photo are constantly changing and it’s funny to see lines of people standing and staring at the screens waiting for their cue to head to the platform.  Once the platform appears, dozens of people take off to board the train.

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The entrance to the Fashion Museum which found in the Assembly Rooms building.

Arriving in Bath, we made our way immediately to the Fashion Museum.  Looked like rain was coming and this was first on our list of places to see.  We bought tickets to this, #1 in the Royal Crescent and the Architecture Museum.  The exhibit in the Fashion Museum had been completely changed since my visit two years ago and it was great to see completely different items in the collection (which is extensive).  It is much smaller than you might expect.  I remember thinking two years ago that it was much smaller than I expected.  Some of the pieces I saw included


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1760’s Robe a la francaise or saque dress.

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1740 Closed Robe Gown


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1790, Man’s frock coat. This style might be found in our upcoming production of Sense and Sensibility at UK.


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These dresses date from the early 19th century. More research for Sense & Sensibility. Jane Austin lived in Bath for a number of years.

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There are several of these rooms within a room showing the extensive collection the museum possesses. You can see the cases and boxes in the background, all housing additional garments from this period. These dresses are from 1822-1838.


Blog 08

A detail from the 1838 dress.

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Bodice detail from a dress of 1842.

After touring the museum in the basement we went upstairs to walk through the Assembly Rooms.  Below is one of them, the Ball Room.  This could be considered a community center in the day for the wealthy.

Blog 09

This is the ball room.


Fancy Dress Ball at the Bath Assembly Rooms by Thomas Rowlandson

This is a fancy dress ball in what appears to the room above. It is a satirical drawing by Thomas Rowlandson from the period.


Blog 10

Kerri and I at the Royal Crescent.

Leaving the museum, we walked around to the Royal Crescent which is a semi-circular structure that sets near the top of the town.  It is a collection of very large town homes in the Georgian style .  It was built between 1767 and 1774 and contains about 30 town homes.  You can tour #1 which we did.

Blog 11

This is the Circus another crescent shaped group of town homes except that it forms a complete circle.

As we headed back down we walked through the Circus (see note above).  Between 1758 and 1774 #17 was the home of Thomas Gainsborough, the painter as his portrait studio.

We walked down to the Architecture Museum which was small and by then we were beginning to tire.  Along the way I saw this church.

Blog 12

Think it was a catholic church as I recall.









We made our way back into the main part of town starving by this time.  We found a restaurant that looked possible and collapsed.  We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, at little late.  It was leisurely because the service was slow but, that was okay, we were tired.  That coupled with the rain that began to fall as we went in.  It continued to rain for most of the time we sat waiting and eating.  So, again no complaints.  Finishing lunch we felt it was time to head home so we quickly headed to the train in order to catch the next one which was fairly quick.  On the ride back to London we both napped a bit.

Blog 13

The train at Bath station.