Students Arrive

Students Arrive

8 July


This will be a relatively brief post as I am tired and did not do much today. Yesterday evening I went clothes shopping. Still no luggage. However, I won’t dwell on that at this point. The great part of the trip was winding our way through the remnants of the Pride celebration. The streets were still packed though the parade was over for a time. I found some new clothes, enough for 2-3 days and we headed home.

This was some of the tamer crowds we encountered down Tottenham Court Rd and Oxford Circus.

Today the students arrive. This morning I went for the breakfast served in the dormitory. I was pleasantly surprised that it was mostly people my age. I sat with another theater group speaking at length with a woman in London doing research on 18-19th century French literature (as best I could tell). She said she was going on to Vienna from London. She was not part of the theater group but seemed to know them.

After breakfast, Christina and I met to plan the orientation and the go over the first week with the class. I sent out an e mail letting them know what they should do on arrival and then we headed out to check on possible restaurants for the group dinner this week. She had found a possibility down near the Globe. We are doing the group dinner after the matinee at the Globe on Tuesday.

We took the Northern line down to Waterloo and transferred to the Piccadilly Line to Southwark. It was a nice walk down to the restaurant and we discovered several restaurant possibilities. After looking at menus and prices, we decided to have lunch at the Swan Restaurant in the Globe. It was a great place to relax and the food was superb and I got some decorating ideas for the dining room.

Always love the architecture I encounter as I travel through this city. Today it was modern architecture that caught my eye.

This seemed to be new construction. Housing. These buildings are on the south bank running behind the Globe Theater.

This is the back of the Tate Modern. The tower at the back of the picture. Re-purposed architecture.



















At The Swan Restaurant in the Globe Theater.





The interior of the restaurant.






After lunch, we made our way back up to the restaurant and secured the reservation for the group and headed back the way we came. By the time we returned to the dormitory I had had texts from a number of the students and at the dorm they were looking no worse for the wear. We had told them we would meet at 3 pm and as Christina and I still had some planning to do and hour till the meeting, we told them to get checked in and relax for a bit.

At 3 pm we assembled in the basement and Christina went over some overall items for the course. I had to deliver the safety lecture and what to do in case of an emergency. We try not to give too much because they are tired and don’t can’t be expected to retain a lot. We encouraged them not to go to bed before 6 or 7 and set them loose.

Christina and I went for gelato and I returned to my room early to relax and read. I’m reading a history of the Old Vic Theatre which is required for class and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the recounting of this storied theater’s history. It is one of those magical places for me (see blog entries from 2014).



As of this post, still no luggage. However, Christina and her family did get theirs so, I guess there is some hope.

I’ll leave it with this pleasant garden just up the street from the dorm. I believe it is Gordon Square Garden. The Bloomsbury Group including Virginia Woolf lived adjacent to this garden.